Campus Ministry through Assumption University serves the faculty, staff and over 17,000 students at the University of Windsor.  In collaboration with Assumption Church, Campus Ministry reaches out to the community of West Windsor.

After many years without an active program, campus ministry in Windsor was re-launched in 2010 in the tradition of the Basilian Fathers.  The Basilian Motto, “Teach me Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge” guides the work and community of university campus ministry in Windsor.   Our aim is to create a community where life’s tough questions can be discussed; and through those discussions, people may come to know God’s mercy, love and Truth.

As we seek to engage the very diverse population of the University of Windsor, campus ministry has created spaces and programs that promote hospitality so that doors may be opened to discover the Truth.  Our programs are open to all who want to participate and seek to better the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

Through campus ministry’s connection to Assumption Church, students are well aware of the poverty that exists in their local community and seek to bring awareness to areas of injustice and inequality; and when possible, take steps towards positive changes in the community.


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