Being Grateful


by Siddharth Pandya

Being human is being grateful. Being aware of our existence on earth and how we have the potential bestowed within each of us by God. Simply being aware of this fact would, in my opinion, be an ideal starting point on the path of rediscovering our true selves. If you say I am a man/woman, I opine, that it is not simply having two eyes, two hands, two feet and a mouth between the ears in a body basically built on the virtue of forty-six chromosomes, but what we do with what we have. Being grateful for what we have is, like I just mentioned, a good starting point. So, what next? When we look around us, we know we do not live in a vacuum. Society is made of and in a sense becomes a part of our psyche irrespective of what type it is or where it is located. An excellent way of expressing our gratitude, at whatever level individually possible, is to try and give back to the community. I used to volunteer and I still do but what started as a requirement for school soon became a way to exercise values that I had learnt over time; to be grateful for what I have and to contribute back to the society whenever possible. It satiates an inner need to be honest in my actions without harbouring greed of attaining something in return. That is, in my opinion, the true act of being grateful.


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  1. Very well said. The idea of a community, whether it’s in a church, a school, a club, or some other place, has been on my mind a lot over the past few months. It provides a lot to those who partake in it, but it also requires input from each member to give the community a foundation and character. We need to give back more to our own communities so that they continue to flourish for the next generation.

    Thanks for posting.

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