This I Pray


by Adetoyese

Dear friends,

I am posting a poem I wrote a while back. It is one of a series I wrote in the form of prayers and is simply just a flow of the thoughts I had at the time, restructured into verse. I honestly believe that we need God more than we realize. There are more ways to fail than to succeed really but with the guidance of God and placing our trust in HIM, we can rest in Love and face the challenges and storms of life with a calm disposition due to a quiet assurance of a positive outcome. I hope it helps…


That when I walk with you

Across the green plains and


That I be not deceived into forgetting

That there are mountains to climb


That when I swim through cool streams

And wade through shallow


That I not forget that there are rivers to cross

And depths to explore


That when I stand with You on

Mountaintops and behold the beauty of

Your Grandwork

That I am not carried away and forget

The one that makes all things beautiful


That when you beckon me I come

That when I walk through the dark valley

That the darkness and depth not blind me from

Your light

That fear not enter and life depart


That I walk every step of this journey with

Your joy

Every terrain, rough or smooth

Level or steep, shallow or deep

And I know I can…


Because You walk with me.


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