The World and The Burning Heel


by Rohan Khanna

Hi this is a short poem I wrote recently. It is called, “The World and the
Burning Heel”. Basically it is a perception of the world from what I feel. It
explores as to how mankind’s devotion in other realms rather than faith
itself has become quite prominent.


What this world has come to be

has become a contemplation of sorts to me

The death throws of the burning world

The vastness of our misdeeds

The joys of inflicting pain

The distant echoes of anguish

and the pride of our optimistic sanity

have become the vices of our insanity

Old times have dispersed in the realm of time

giving way to a new era of deceit and crime

The world of knowledge

The people of Adam

The sin of man

The dreams of a child

Brings forth a thought that keeps us engaged

making no exception in making us feel enraged


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