Enjoy Life


by Nabila Sharieff

Ah finally!! My last midterm was on Saturday and with the assignments completed, the quizzes done and the homework finally finished, I grabbed my friend and together, we went off on a shopping spree to Devonshire Mall. The place was soaked with sales and the trip was a mega success. As we neared home, the sight of the Ambassador Bridge glistening amidst the twilight sky took me by surprise and I sat there thinking, “How come I’ve never noticed the utter beauty of this bridge?”

A lot of my friends say that Windsor is a small city with almost nothing to do. But, I’d bet they hardly visit the riverside. And the ones that do, go there for a run or a walk but never for the serenity of the place.

In the hustle-bustle of the world, we hardly notice the things around us, and how wonderful they are. That short walk from the bus stop to my house was silent. My friend and I, our hands full with shopping bags, and our cameras filled with new memories, walked in utter silence observing the magnificence of the bridge, which looked spectacular against the sunset. Poetic lines flooded my head as the breeze blew through our hair, and the sun sunk into the waters and yellow headlights from the rushing cars filled the streets. Well, this happened for a short time before the engineering part of my brain took over and I started examining the trusses of the bridge. LOL!

Never mind that. But I’d like to ask: how many of you notice that lovely garden you drive past every morning to get to work? And how many of you have thought of those artistic sculptures next to the building where you have classes?

Life is short. We must learn to appreciate the beauty of things around us. We complain that we are bored, or that life is filled with problems. But, give mother nature a chance and she will soothe all your wounds, heal all your pain and paint your life with beauty and joy.

Ciao for now my friends!

Enjoy life while you can!


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