A Substance of Vast Oneness


by Aubrey

I have already written a couple of posts for my turn this week about why I am becoming more and more Buddhist. But, I am finding it very hard (and lengthy) to do so. So, I opted to post a couple stories that I felt reflected my new view. One I wrote, and another by Andy Weir. Each story, hopefully, will get the powerful thing that Buddhism brought to me across to you; the removal of the self. This idea, found and presented by the Buddha, was something missing in other religions that I felt was apparent, and is the main reason I have become comfortable being a Buddhist.

A substance of vast Oneness.

By, Aubrey

God is an ocean,

God is the water.

There is only the ocean,

only the water.

Yet, it is neither one,

nor many,

nor infinite,

nor nothing;

only perfect.

We are all the waves;

some crashing violently with hate, fear and passion,

some peacefully with love, joy and grace.

Some are rolling and calm,

and others don’t quite reach their peak,

and fall under themselves;

each wave affecting how another forms.

All waves crash,

roll, begin and end

because of the ocean.

It’s obvious,

we are connected to the water;

we are the water.

The wave appears to die,

appears to come and go.

But the water never dies,

the water never comes nor goes.

At first sight,

a wave is just a wave.

Enlightenment is the act of recognizing a wave

and see it’s essence is truly water,

a vast ocean;

interconnected and perfect.


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