Love is God


by Rohan Khanna

Hi everyone! My name is Rohan. I am a first year student of communication, media and film studies at the University of Windsor. I love reading whenever I am free. Also, I am an aspiring artist and writer. Religion to me is simply believing in yourself and not making distinctions to separate love. Love is religion. Love is God.

To be precise, I believe in Christianity and see Christ as a mortal who underwent the trials of life to give a meaning to our very existence.

This poem reflects a part of my personality. To be honest I am a romantic at heart. For me love is something which is clearly a means to get close to God, to become one with him. Love can be in many forms whether love for family, animals, and the people around us. For me, all my life my family and recently my fiancé Sarah have been supporting me. These people hold a special place in my heart.

I have dedicated this poem to celebrate love which looms in my heart, to Sarah who made it possible for me to experience love and make it grow into something which can only be described as meeting God on this spiritual path.

So here it is:

One fine summer’s day

It all happened one fine summer’s day

Two people

One fighting in love and the other losing faith in it…

Things went on and off for someone fighting for love

And happiness was the aim for the one losing faith in love

One tried to cheer the other up in the most trying times

The other found little hopes of joy in all things said by the other in the best of times

One tried hard to give the other something which he strived for and never got

The other appreciated the gift of words thrown at her which she always wanted but never got

He stayed in the shadows trying to be a good friend but not a burden

Doing his best to help the other and overcome depression….

Time flew by

Things changed

The two found love

And never complained..



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