The Never Ending Journey


by Matt Visser

Since this is my first post, I thought I would start with a short introduction about me so you can know a little about who is writing this. My name is Matt Visser. I am an economics student at the University of Windsor, a member at Grace CRC church in my hometown Chatham, and I currently live off campus in Windsor.

As I write this blog entry I find myself nervous, considering all the people who may read it, so you could imagine my trepidation whenever I am asked to speak in front of an audience, which is a rare occurrence. Having to put one’s work, or oneself, out in front of people can certainly make just about anyone nervous. Those who are not fortunate enough to be good at dealing with such fears so precociously have one way to abandon their fears: personal growth.  Personal growth is an important part of everyone’s life, and for that matter it is so very important to understand.

Without personal growth the world would be at a standstill: no one would ever learn and everyone would just be making the same mistakes repeatedly. Personal growth is a gift given providentially to us, and it is a truly amazing phenomenon. It is somewhat ironic that one cause of personal growth is the mistakes we make. When we make mistakes, we are able to learn from them so we can keep ourselves from making that same mistake over again. Yet there are other sources of change we should also be aware of.

Outside influences are a large part of personal growth, which can be easily demonstrated through one’s relationship with one’s parents. Until we reach an age where we can do so ourselves, parents are the ones who guide us and help us learn who we are and who we are becoming. There come points, however, when parents’ direct influence lessens as more independence is achieved. Nevertheless, parents leave a mark that will never evaporate completely; it will always remain in us and will continue to be a big part of our lives and thoughts. Once we start to gain more independence we need other sources of help in our personal growth, and this is why we need friends. Friends are there for support in hard times and to help us progress through the good and the bad. Friends are there to call us out when we do something wrong and to help us right those wrongs.

Everyone is growing and it is not something we ever grow out of (yeah, pun intended). No matter how old or wise we may be or get, we will never be done maturing. It is a never ending struggle and yet such a rewarding one. And while there is no end to such growth, that does not make it useless. We do not change ourselves to reach a certain point of perfection; we do so to better ourselves, to overcome problems we have today and prepare for the problems we will face tomorrow.


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