Asking God for More Time


by JC Girard

I am notorious for telling people that I “don’t have enough time” or “I’ve been really busy and can’t find the time.” I have the exact same amount of time as everyone else. We are all given twenty-four hours in a day; how we use those twenty-four hours is up to us. Some people choose to sleep for twelve hours at a time – well goodness! That’s half the day! No wonder time seems to be escaping you. Other people use their time and don’t calculate it – kind of the same way we use our Debit Card and don’t pay attention to the amounts we’re spending at each interaction. Before we know it, we’re out of money.

The other day, while praying for the first time in a long time, it occurred to me: What do I mean I don’t have enough time or I need to find time? Where was I looking exactly? Time cannot be found. It is a present given to us directly from God – it’s not hiding, it’s ours to do with it what we choose. I should be watching my words. In reality what I should say is “I haven’t been organizing my time very effectively and that’s why the project is not completed yet.” I need to start taking ownership for my own mistakes.

I tend to over commit myself and make sure every second of every day has something to do. Unfortunately, this gives me the impression that I don’t have enough time. I can get together with my friends, I choose not to. I claim I have to do homework but catch myself taking an unnecessary nap, watching T.V., procrastinating. Had I just gone straight to my homework I would have had time to go out tonight.

All of this may seem like a rant, but I assure you it’s not. You see, all this time I have kept myself busy because I get bored easily. I always had something on the go or things to do. But they were never the right things. Maybe I need better time management; maybe I need to set my priorities straight. One thing I know for sure, twenty-four hours in a day is plenty of time if I use it properly. What would you do differently if each day had thirty hours? Would you do anything differently? I can honestly say, I bet I would just sleep longer.


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  1. Gah JC This is simultaneously exactly what I needed to hear and precisely what I did not ever want to be reminded of. I’m still deciding if I should thank you or scowl at you 😛

  2. As a former student of the UofW, time has an interesting ever changing meaning. I used to punt minutes when I was younger, then I switched to counting hours, days, weeks … My children are now grown and at the U. I still count time but now I count them in terms of time spent in relationships – personal relationship time invested in my children individually, with my family collectively, with friends and with God. Time spent yields fruits or graces for each separate relationship. The graces all come from God, and should be acknowledged as such. All this time, God has been patiently gifting my relationships and lovingly waiting for his turn. I didn’t realize this until I started to set time aside for God every day – just for us. The other stuff, it will get done if I let go of some TV, focus better at my work tasks and continue to pray to the source of all wisdom – God.

    • very well said! I think it is something I will need to learn more than once. Honestly, reading that as you have children and have already struggled with this in the past and continue to do so… it’s just a reminder that I am imperfect and should think about thinking more often. Time is precious. As a young woman, I know I take that for granted and I really shouldn’t. I like the idea of counting time spent in relationships and I think I will make a conscious effort to do so =)

  3. Good post! The last line especially hits home. I’m pretty sure I mentioned to you at some point my theory that I always stretch things to take up as much time as possible, so like you said, having extra time wouldn’t really help in the end.
    ……….although more sleep would be really really awesome at this point in the semester.

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