The World of Rage


by Nabila Sharieff

With time, has the human heart changed? Where have those feelings gone? In today’s world, we are so preoccupied with other matters that we forget the world around us. So, what kind of world are we leaving behind us? Whatever happened to those feelings we had for those
around us? I express my thoughts…

This is one of my oldest poems; one that was a stepping stone and helped me rise as a poet.

 A human heart is so fragile
to heal‑a century, to break‑a while;
It takes two words, to smash it into a thousand,
but to help it heal it needs ten thousand;
A single scene, word or song can make it melt,
but what has happened to it these days?
No one knows, maybe no one will !

 So much suffering, so much pain,
a big bad for little gain,
no conscience in anyone,
they can only hurt and make fun;
From enemy to father,
rival or brother,
everyone causes hurt and breaks hearts
without any feeling, without any care,
a wound on the heart is embodied;

What is poverty with a friend or family,
what is a heart without feelings,
what is a truth with a lie behind,
what is a butterfly without wings;

so many questions without answers,
so much curiosity without understanding,
so much pain without happiness,
so much work without gain;
It is something that will leave you in disparity,
when you are rich without an understanding family;

Those who care are considered mad,
those who say the truth are considered bad,
is this why we have prospered, to come to this stage,
when we leave for our children, a world of rage?



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