On Equal Access to Truth


by Adetoyese

The dedication of the new Multi-Faith Space in the basement of the CAW on campus has sparked an old fire in me again. It’s amazing how easy it is to cling to a belief in spite of our inherent conflicts with the veracity of it.  However for matters of the soul, to my mind the most important matters of life, it is not only recommended but required that our entire being resonate with those things we have chosen as our core beliefs. Any conflict on whatever level would undo us. But many times, a lot of us love our doctrines and our systems and our “churches” more than we love the Truth. This is a pity indeed. It is so sad because we are not ever really immersed in what we claim to believe and so cannot really be said to believe it at all in the true sense of the word. So we keep up appearances and starve ourselves of the peace and harmony that comes from the integrity of our whole being.

Sometimes we are afraid to ask questions because we do not want to “annoy” God. This is the result of centuries of religious teachings that have tried to present us the picture of a perfect God with imperfect human tendencies – a clear impossibility. In a nutshell, we have been looking “as through a glass dimly”.

The Realization of Truth is not the privilege of a select few, it is the birthright of every man who has a soul and every religion that has stood the test of time is simply telling this great story of the soul’s journey back to The Source against a backdrop colored by the cultures and practices of the time. It is the essence that we must cling to and no man will be “saved” by merely belonging to a religious sect or group or by memorizing a set of creeds; you can only be saved as a result of the time you give to the awakening of your spirit and the cultivation of your soul through deep and sincere prayer – and this is as simple as merely being still and speaking honestly, humbly and with an open mind to God in your own soul and in your own words.

He has shown you O man what is right. And what does The Lord require of you but to live justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God”


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  1. Nice post! I’m guilty of not asking questions for fear that I will “annoy” God. That was very well said… Unfortuantely I find that the reason I feel I am annoying Him is because I seem to only talk to Him when need something; which is unfortuante.

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