by Nabila Sharieff

Well hello there everyone!

I’m Nabila. Born in India and raised in the Middle East, and I’ve now come to Canada- my only 2nd time in the west-to embark on a journey of education and learning, combined with a dash of fun, lots and lots of friends and quite a few memorable experiences, in what I pray and hope to be a perfect recipe for success and an awesome university experience. I’m an undergraduate student doing Mechanical and Environment Engineering, (yes, I know it’s an odd course for a girl, but, I have my mind set on breaking stereotypes and other sexist notions). I love technology, (I’m addicted to the internet) and I love making friends.

In terms of religious orientation, I’m a Muslim. I’m a firm believer in Islam, though I can’t say I’m orthodox. I like to believe that religion is your inner connection with God and you need a few religious guidelines to lead you to that connection and help strengthen it. I am a Muslim woman and I’ve never thought that me being Muslim has hindered me in any way. In fact,I’d like to believe that it is my religion that has brought me to where I currently am in life. I keep my religion simple and clean.

In terms of writing, I’ve been a poet since I was 12. As time passed, I’ve grown as a person, as a student and as a poet. My poetry is my emotion…it’s the way I laugh, I cry, I love and live. I find inspiration in small things and I work towards inspiring others.

The topic of my write-ups varies on which angle I’m viewing life from. I call myself an optimist but a lot of my poems show the darker side of life. It’s a balance between good and evil where some of us are wanting to break the balance and tip the scales; some towards good, others towards evil.

It’s a thought…everyone has a different perspective 🙂

And, I love looking at those perspectives. It’s so amazing how one simple thing can be interpreted in so many ways! Life fascinates me and through Commen-table, I would like to take you all on this journey with me, through life…no matter how short the path. I’ll keep writing Inshallah. Ciao for now!


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  1. Wow!!! A very well written article…I totally believe that you should have connection with the Almighty to progress in life in the right direction!!!Your poetry is awesome….Great going girl!! Wishing you the best always!!!

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