by Kishan Parekh

Time is irreplaceable, and it is up to us to use it in the best way we can. This summer allowed me to take a deeper look at the relationships that exist between the world’s religions. At times it may seem they are connected in some way, but at another glance they are worlds apart.

It bothers me that there is no explanation for why and how there are so many religions, who is right and who is wrong, or is it that we are all wrong? The only thing common is faith, believing in that which we cannot see according to the Bible. Most of us pray to God, but is this really the same God for everyone?

Over this semester I would like to learn more of this, whether or not religion as a whole truly exists. I might be going more towards science than spirituality, but at times there is need for reasoning for some of the aspects of my life that have no answers as of yet.


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  1. Your last thought made me think: one point of reflection might be that for many intellectuals throughout history, science and spirituality weren’t at odds. It wasn’t an either/or situation, but more of a both/and one. Think of Isaac Newton, Ibn Rushd, Gregor Mendel, Ramanujan, etc. Desire to understand the physical world sometimes comes from desire to understand the idea of God. While they’re not the same and in some ways are radically different, science and religion aren’t always as far apart as some people make them out to be.

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