Not-So-Simply Catholic


by JC Girard

My name is JC and I am a third year Concurrent Education student with a major in Psychology here at the University of Windsor. I am quickly finding out that how I feel about my faith has a lot to do with where I stand in the classroom (literally and metaphorically). I am not talking about Mass alone, but the way I interact with others as a Christian; my daily prayer life; my beliefs about community; and which morals and values I may follow.

Lately I have had some difficulty with my faith. Just to keep you up to date (I contributed to the Commen-Table last year), I am a “Cradle Catholic”. What that means is that I grew up in a family where my mom, dad, and grandparents (on both sides) went to church every Sunday. I never really got a chance to question my religion. I mean, my parents were never opposed to me exploring different religions but when I brought anything else up, it always seemed that the Catholic side was stronger than the side of question. It wasn’t until I came to the University of Windsor and joined Campus Ministry, that I found my place really was within the Catholic Faith. That said, questions still flow, lessons are always learned, and my Faith grows stronger each day. I know I have much to learn and I look forward to sharing my insight with you every step of the way.


JC Girard


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