by Aubrey

If you look at some of my previous posts here on Commen-Table, you might not have expected for me to become a Buddhist…me neither. Reading my posts, you should, hopefully, get a sense that:

  •   God is Truth, and Truth is hidden from us
  •   the Ego is the enemy and the cause of most of our problems
  •   I have a distaste for the missing parts in religion

This summer, I picked up a book: Revered Wisdom: Buddhsim. I picked up the book thinking that I would just be learning about another religion. I am, and always will be, a studier of religion, God, Truth and the Ultimate; so of course I grabbed the book. As I read, I felt like Buddhism reflected almost all of the things I have discovered about God, religion, Truth and morality; just in different words. It also offered a few new things that I hadn’t thought of before.

I’ve never been really confident labeling myself into any mainstream religion, or even a member of some method of a religion (like a Kabbalist). But, I think I’m a Buddhist now. Like I said, I will always be a lover of religion, philosophy and deep searching, but that’s actually very Buddhist. This isn’t a radical thing either, most of the things I’ve come to realize on my own (that I have spoken about here, some) are understandings in Buddhism. There are many other reasons why I feel Buddhism is right for me (and, even everyone), and I hope to spend my time writing here explaining why.


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