Angels, the ego, & the devil


by Aubrey

I have always had a problem with the idea of Angels and the devil. I take my religion very seriously in the truth. Flying Angels and evil shadows aren’t on the same level of truth for me. I remember struggling for a long time when it came to Angels and the devil. Throughout that struggle I came to know both of them, but not as beings, as most, even the Bible would humanize and animalize them. I knew the devil was not a being and I knew Angels weren’t beings either- but acts (spirits) of God.

When God acts, or does something, the act is an ‘Angel of God’. So, that could range from the creation of the Universe to the creation of a single cell, an ’Angel’ of God was simply the act. The same for the devil; it is said he was an Angel, an act of God. The devil, too, is an angel- but a special one, one close only to man; the ego. Angels (acts of God) would surely exist if man was not around, because all of creation is an act of God. But, when I thought about the devil, I concluded that the devil would not be around since the devil lives in the hearts of man.

The devil, an act of God, an angel, tells man that things can be better than they are. Angels of God are all around doing God’s will, including the devil, the ego, who causes man to think that God is not responsible for everything around us, good or evil. The ego places distrust and confusion inside man and displaces the oneness of all things, including God. God wants it there too, to test mankind and give you and me a choice. In all that I have learned about God, I have learned that God wants us to choose, so he gave man tests and choices. Though the choice is obvious, God wants man to own our decision to choose God. But, the ego wants to put trust in anything else other than God; trust in ourselves, in technology, even in religion- and one day we will be let down by the ego, that seems the devils purpose.

All those other things I trust and have faith in, other than God, will always fall short of faith and love in God. The devil wants me to fear death. If I have faith in God, I shouldn’t fear it (but, as long as the ego has a hold of me, I will always fear it and sin because of it). The devil is all-around, it’s amazing how much control the devil has on the world today. But, I believe it has to happen, because one day we will be let down by egotistical ways, and even then God will take us in and even the most ashamed will feel the most loved…

…because the ego will tell man the worst sinners don’t deserve God.


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