by Niharika R. Bandaru

“With great power, comes great responsibility”

Uncle Ben, Spiderman

A month and a half it has been. Probably more, since I sat down to pen down my thoughts and into this blog. I push back on my chair to think of all the things I could write about, all the things that have changed the world over the past few weeks or so; maybe the uprising in Tunisia, or the protests in Egypt, or the rebellion in Libya. Perhaps the bloodshed in Ivory Coast…all such bad news…tsk tsk.

There’s a pattern in the occurrence of all these incidents as I notice. We have apparently descended into an altogether new phase of disparity, dissatisfaction and hostility. We are always fighting, killing and crying. We are destroying homes, separating families and dissolving countries of people in a squabble for power and money. Whether justice has been attained in these disturbed countries, is a huge question mark.

P-E-A-C-E has been a hard spelling to remember. We speak of humanity, religion, and Karma but we always fail to follow it. We mistreat and disrespect and get mistreated and disrespected in return. We fight, kill, resolve and then start fighting again. We have created this infinite loop of viciousness that has no exit. We fail to remember that God made us the most intelligent species for a reason; and that reason was not to supress other people or organisms, but to use this gift responsibly. The advancement of technology to the level we have today is showing us that we are capable of great things. Great good things.

Unfortunately, we are yet to realize the responsibility that this kind of potential has bestowed upon us. Achieving this is possibly a feat our race has a slim chance of achieving, for we are never satisfied. We have black holes in the pits of our souls, and our thirst for more can hardly be quenched. This is perhaps the biggest difference between Him and us.

Is there hope? Will there be peace? There is no answer to that. Perhaps my inability to write for so long has got something to do with not being able to answer these questions. Words can only go so far, and as I think about it more and more, I feel this responsibility upon me to take a part and try and make a positive change. To try and escape the rat race that has magically engulfed the human race in its deepest folds. To elevate myself to a level where I can be of help to my fellow human beings, for there is nothing above that.


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