Call for Prayer


by Nadieh Esmaeil Poor

Sometimes when I forget to put my laptop or cell phone on silent in public places like the library, my call for prayer software goes off which makes everyone suddenly turn around and stare at me wondering what it was .This made me realize that there are a lot of people who never visited a Muslim country and therefore, might not know what exactly it is, so I thought of posting something related to it as an explanation.

The Call for prayer in Islam known as (Adhan) is a way for the people to know when  the prayer times are , and therefore go to the mosque ( for men ) or pray at home (women have a choice of praying at home or at the mosque ). Just like Christians ring the bell as a sign for prayer time, Muslims have Adhan which is a set of sentences and words to be said in Arabic .The contents of it are always the same for the five prayers except for the Morning Prayer where an extra sentence is added to it. The contents include (God is the greatest-four times,  I testify that there is no God except for Allah-two times,   I testify that Muhammad is a Messenger of Allah-two times, Come to prayer, come to worship, Prayer is better than sleep (only for morning prayer), Allah is the greatest-two times, There is no God except for Allah).

Since a lot of my non Muslim friends have brought up this topic I thought it would be a useful information for this blog’s readers as well. In Muslim countries the call for prayer is recited by the Imams (generally a respected member of the community and is elected to lead the prayer) of the mosques, but when this option isn’t available like in my case, I prefer to have something with me that would help me listen to it since the call for prayer not only is a way to remind you of prayer timings but also to make you think of the words that’s been said, and help you relax as well.


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