Truth and Ego


by Aubrey

“Let there be no force in religion: Surely- truth stands out clear from error. Whoever rejects evil and believes in the one God holds the most trustworthy hold that never breaks.” – The Holy Quran.

The above mentioned verse got me thinking this week. I have discussed truth before. Truth is revealed to us…and hidden. Truth deserves respect; respect that what is true is true and what is hidden is hidden. Truth separates Heavenly realms from worldly realms, and when they interact, respect for truth, hidden and clear, is fundamental. Saying what is true about hidden things is a hard thing to do. To even say God exists, in full truth, is a hard thing to claim to know. At most, I have only seen one proof for God: that we (everything) are here, and that doesn’t even tell me much about God, other than God wanted us to be here. But this opens a door for a relationship (what religion is).

Religion, for me, has to be based on genuine truth revealed to me, and respect for the truth that hasn’t. Often, I feel religion tries to claim truth about hidden things. Because I know there are hidden truths, the truths revealed to me are tools God gives to build a relationship. Sometimes I feel this leads people to believe we have to know the hidden things. I think we simply need to know they exist, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The advisory, the ego (Job 2:4-6 – I will write on this later), Satan, is at work all the time. Sometimes I want to think works like the Torah or Quran are full of only truth, and hidden things are being revealed purely. Until I decided who Satan was, I never thought the advisory had any business in religions. I believe truth stands out clear from error, even if it’s that we lack truth. The ego wants to tell me that the Torah, Gospel and Quran have not been tampered by the ego, and that the “systems” (religions) set up are on the right path. The ego never rests and goes ahead of us all the time! In reality, there is far too much I don’t know, and the ego wants to make sure I’m afraid to live in it.

Sometimes I feel all I can really do is resist the advisory, let go, and know the Creator is in control of the creation.


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