We Are Not Always Alone


by Kishan Parekh

Many a time we ask for things that we think will help or please us, but ultimately that very thing will have caused us more harm than good. We fail to notice that what we already have is adequate and that many other people in the world are surviving on much less. Machines are made to seem so dependent upon in our society that living without them results in a vulnerable and helpless life. Of course, there are some objects that the 21st century’s technologies and lifestyle compel us to use, but is it always best to want to get the latest and unnecessary objects all the time?

Some people pray to God to ask for forgiveness, for help and many other things; sometimes for more material items, and sometimes for deeper intangible ideas. I have no objection to this, because I believe we can ask God for whatever we want. He is God after all, if not him then who else. But sometimes when we ask for something we really desire and end up not getting it, we think to ourselves if there was any point. Well, the answer to this is that there was, is and always will be. We should not get so disheartened as to blame God; he cannot control everything that happens to us. As mentioned by many people in earlier posts, God’s love for you is unconditional and is eternally stronger than anyone else’s. Think of all the good stuff that has happened to you and remember it is the same God all the time.

It is up to us sometimes to gather some courage and strength to look at things in a different way. Not everything is going to happen the way we want it to, and we have to be ready to face the challenges and overcome them. We are never alone, God is always with us, whether to listen to us, or even help us (sometimes in ways you may not understand). From what I believe, if we are sincere and dedicated towards a goal, we will always achieve it. If you look for it, you will always find help. So do not be afraid or hurt, it is just another experience that we go through that will ultimately benefit us.



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