In God We Trust


by Nadieh Esmaeil Poor

I thought this would be a useful topic specially for those of you who are searching for faith or God.

Its an amazing relief to know that there is a God you can depend on, and trust to always be there for you whenever you ask for His help, no matter how difficult the situation is. ‎​It’s a great deal in my opinion , to have a God who can help you through everything, provide you with things that you ask for and yet never expect anything in return, except for practicing what He teaches in The Holy Book.

You might be wondering how trusting in someone whom we can’t see works. It’s very simple and that’s what I will be explaining today. Being a Muslim trusting in Allah is part of our faith which basically means to rely on Him on any matter whether its significant or insignificant. To emphasis on the usefulness and importance on it there are many verses from the Holy Quran about this matter and as an example I will be providing you with these two.

1)  If Allah helps you, none can overcome you: If He forsakes you, who is there, after that, that can help you? in Allah, then, Let believers put their trust. (3/160)
2) “Say: Nothing will happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us: He is our Protector: And on Allah let the believers put their trust.” [9:51]

Not only does trusting in Allah (God) comforts and relieves me from stress but also makes me very convinced and content about whatever happens to me whether bad or good. For example, before coming to Canada, I was in a very confused state as to whether or not to come to this place considering that I was going to be away from family for the first time with such a long distance.  So I performed my favorite prayer which always helps me when in doubt:

“Oh Allah, you are the All knowing, if you find this step good for me in my life and hereafter then let it happen and if you find it evil for me in my life and hereafter then prevent it from happening.”

By reading this, I knew that I had nothing to worry about anymore and that if it was meant for me to come, then everything in my way would get easier with no obstacles coming in my way. Ever since I got here whenever I get depressed or miss my family I remind myself that this is what God chose for me, and I am sure I will have a better future than if I hadn’t come here. So I never regret coming here with all the difficulties that I faced and I am still facing for I Know this is what was best for me and no one knows it better than God.

Allah knows best.


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  1. Its wonderful to read about your trust in God. However, while I do believe that God knows best, I’m not sure I agree with your philosophy that if God wants something to happen, it will be easy.

    God wants us to be holy, and that by no means is an easy task.

    He also wants us to be kind to those who hate us, to take the homeless off the streets, to give up our addictions and vices that continue to draw us away from Him.

    He wants us to do these things, and many many more, but that doesn’t, by any means, mean it will be easy to do so.

    I prefer to believe that, rather than praying for God’s will to be done then sitting back and waiting for it to fall into our lap, we should pray for God’s will to be done, continue working towards whatever we believe His will to be, and trust that He will give us the strength and grace to overcome the many obstacles in our way.

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