Truth, Faith & Hope


by Aubrey

For me, truth is a reality; that all things discovered, past, present, and future, would need no further exploration. It is the reality that everything has a purpose, plan and ultimate state; that, from the edges of heaven and earth, whatever said about anything would never be wrong. Truth, for me, is a very divine thing, something only God could know or experience. The idea of someone, or something, other than God, knowing or acting in truth is hard for me because of this. Therefore, trusting in anyone but the one who created truth is flawed, because their knowledge of the truth is always less than God’s. That being said, I do not trust or believe…but only have faith.

Faith has many Hebrew words to describe it: aman (amen), batah, mibtah, rechats, etc. These all mean things like trust, believe, or know for certain. But, one of the words in Hebrew describes faith as the only way I see it: Yachal, or Hope. For me, faith is hope and all belief, trust, and acts of truth, in this world, are only based on hope; the true human condition, the lack of the knowledge of truth. I cannot believe, trust, or know for certain in anything, because the world exists in faith and the truth is with God. The world is, instead, in a constant state of hope.

For me, there really isn’t much truth in our world, or even in our religions; only faith…just hope. I wish more people would realize that.


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