by Sarah Mushtaq

Life gives us so many twists and turns. It can get pretty confusing sometimes. For me, my ‘rock’ and ‘guidance’ has been my religion. I know that if I’m confused or lost, if I don’t know which direction to take, I can turn back to my religion and look for the answer there.

Lately, I’ve had to attend a couple funerals of young people from my community, in their twenties, who sadly passed away. It reminded me of how short life is and how caught up we, as people, get in the little things. For me, my religion taught me to appreciate the little things and make the most of my time. I can’t sit around whining and complaining about the past – but I can make the most of the future moments.

I’ve seen some of my friends fall into the trap of asking why. Of course, we always want to know why but sometimes that why doesn’t exactly help us. If we know why the accident happened, would that have changed anything? Each one of us will one day die. How it happens – we don’t know. It doesn’t vary the end result. We’re wasting precious moments in our life right now when we could be spending it with our loved ones and friends. We could be doing something we always dreamed of. We could be making the most of every second by giving back to our communities in many ways.

I felt I had to share this for everyone – it doesn’t matter what religion you follow or where you’re from. We’re all people with a set time in our life and we will all die one day. No matter what we believe, every person wants to lead a life they’re happy with. Don’t procrastinate – do what you’ve always been planning to right now. You never know if you’re going to get that chance again.


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