by Niharika Bandaru

A few days ago, a thought crossed my mind. And I still wonder as to what connection my sleepy brain could’ve formed between thoughts of schoolwork and this one, right before bedtime on a lazy Tuesday night. The idea around the thought is deep, but of most common occurrence. It is something over which our ancestors have fought long over, and still are. It is something that divides humankind into two discerning halves, and I wondered why.

Is GOD real? If yes, how did we humans come across believing in GOD?

For ages we’ve looked for answers. In the process we’ve given birth to religions, practices, cultures, and science. We’ve experimented with nature, and we’ve explored many possibilities. We’ve produced authors, scholars, priests and scientists. We’ve attacked each other, fought wars, and shed blood. We’ve proven all this was in vain, for the wars were fought, and the blood was shed, not to fight for a cause, but to sort out our own ego clashes. We’ve been perturbed of not being able to find answers. We used science as a defense mechanism to rule out the concept of GOD, or to come closer to it. And then we fought more wars and shed more blood.

Amidst all this confusion, as a curious and humble soul determined to find her way and look for answers in this messed up world, I dare to present my opinions.

I’m a firm believer in hope and I trust faith. I do believe in a better tomorrow, and I look forward to things. This to me means that GOD exists. I arrive at this hypothesis after asking myself a lot of questions. Why do humans exist? How did we come about being so? Why do have emotions? Why are there plants? Why are there planets? Why a sun? Why the Universe? Why the Big Bang? Why did it happen? Why is everything the way it is? And most importantly, who or what is behind the clockwork of all this?

As close as we might come to explaining these riddles, science will help us know only the “hows” behind all this. And because we don’t know the answers to the “whys” we know there is a supreme unexplainable energy behind everything that makes it work the way it does. Our ancestors were wise, for they knew of this supreme energy, and called it GOD.

Although we humans will continue to strive to find GOD and explain GOD, there is only so much that we can find out, for that is the beauty of this energy. Yes, science is cool and technology is entertaining, but I truly think these are tools to help us get by, tools that are governed by this supreme energy.

Without this mystery, the world would be a boring blank space. We would be pointless souls wandering about, almost robotic. The truth is we all live on hope, and faith. We all need that ray of sunshine, and to know that there is a silver lining behind every cloud.

And herein, rests my argument.


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