By Aubrey

I was browsing around this blog trying to find out where to start, and I found an introduction. So, I’ll just start there.

I guess you might say I have my own religion, or that I’m ‘in between’ religions. I’m not an atheist, though at one time I thought I might be. I was raised Pagan (Wiccan), though I am not a part of the faith anymore, and was not raised in any other religion along with it. From about the year 2000, when I left the Pagan faith, until about 2005 I was not religious at all. Looking back now, I know I was, but then I wasn’t really anything one would call religious. I believed in a simple philosophy: treat others (as best you can) like you would want them to treat you. I never heard about this from any gospel or from any other religion. It was just a concept that made sense to me. I believed in God, in that I prayed to God, but had no system to defend my actions with.

Around 2007, I started becoming greatly concerned with my beliefs. I can remember it all started with horoscopes. I used to read mine every day, and one day, I really looked at what I was doing. It all started from my own superficial attitude. I began a new life, one that has lead up until this day. Faith, for me, is not superficial. Faith isn’t like reading my horoscope, feeling good, having faith, and just going with it. I want to feel God, not just feel good about God.

With my new found religious fever, I sat out on my own. I never touched a text, I didn’t want to be tainted; I wanted to face off with God alone. But, I would find God wouldn’t come to me, until I came to people. Later that year I came to Newman [Catholic Campus Ministry], not as a convert, but with friends. It would prove to be the most wrenching time of my life. The tough question came, “how was I going to believe with people so different than me?” There was one face in that church that comforted me, Jesus (Yeshua). Not because he was the messiah or was actually god (I don’t believe either of those), but because he seemed to love people. I learned I loved people too, and that’s when I found God.


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