Signs, how do I interpret them?


by Allyne Ferreira

It’s interesting to know that our whole life there are things we come across or come to know. It’s also interesting to know that signs can be interpreted differently according to each and every person. This means that everyone interprets signs in many different ways. When we pray sometimes we ask God to give us a sign to let us know we’re on the right track or to help us determine an answer to something that has been troubling us. Sometimes I wish that God could just call me up on the phone and say “Ally, this is what it means”. Unfortunately no matter how hard I wish and pray for it God won’t verbally speak to me. BUT he will give me signs to let me know I’m on the right or wrong track. Sometimes they can be the subtlest of signs and then other times they can be completely obvious. When I encountered my first break up I asked God, “Please, prove to me that there are ‘real’ men out there, ones that appreciate a women for who she is and treat her well”. It wasn’t me asking for another boyfriend, I just needed to be re-assured that there were actually some decent guys out there. Within the next month I met a bunch of men, who were “real” men, the type of men that were polite, well spoken, and respectful. I looked up and said “Okay, I get it God… they do exist, thanks for the confirmation.”

Over the course of my life I have communicated with God without even knowing it. My best friend once told me that God thinks about us a bazillion times a day, I mean if someone thinks about you that much I’m sure they feel compelled to speak to you! Since he can’t do it verbally he does it through his actions which are sometimes a stronger type of love than words can ever describe.

I also believe that God knows what we need, he is constantly putting us in situations that he knows are difficult but that will teach us to love, or be understanding, or simply to appreciate life for what it is. How many times do we go through life and certain things will happen that will make us marvel at the fact that they happened? These are signs that God puts in front of us for us to realize the true value of them! When things get hard I always tell myself that they will get better because God wouldn’t want me to suffer for too long. Some people are given hardships in their lives which also teach us to appreciate our own and that means, to me, that God is letting us know that we are NEVER alone. He is always there for us and he provides us with people who are also always there for us through thick and thin. The beauty of life is magnificent and we should appreciate the little signs that God throws our way because it is his subtle way of saying, “I love you”.


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