Why God, Why?


by Joshua Cadieux

Some people believe that everything happens for a reason. Some people believe that God controls everything and “Gods’ will be done”.  I stand somewhere on a crossroad between the two; I want to believe that there is a God, but sometimes it is hard.

When I was in the 10th grade I had a friend named Ryan. Ryan was a year older than I was but he live in my neighbourhood and he was in my drama class. By no means was he my best friend but we were more than just acquaintances. One day Ryan asked me if I wanted a ride home from school, he had a car and I took the bus. I was excited to not have to sit on the hot bus and walk from my stop to my house. I said yes. Near the end of the day I saw my best friend Cody, Ryan also asked him if he wanted a ride. We were excited about not taking the bus but when we got to the car there was only room for one person. So being best friends we took the bus together.

This is where my test of God begins.

We were driving down the expressway on our way home and traffic was moving slower than usual. We could see a car accident up ahead, and at first we thought nothing of it. As we moved closer we could see that is was Ryan’s car. The car was a wreck and one of our friends had been thrown from the car, but he looked to be alive. One of our friends on the bus got a text message while we were beside the scene and it said that the driver of the car was dead. The driver was Ryan.

How could God take the life of someone who is so young? If there were a God why would he be so greedy? Did God make me stay out of that car so I would remain alive? Or was it a coincidence? These are the problems we face every day. We are tested in our beliefs and sometimes it is very hard to find a reason to believe. It is in these times where we need our faith the most. But is God just something that is made up so we don’t lose our minds at times like these. I guess when my time on earth is done; I will finally know the truth.


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  1. I think that is what makes religion such a major topic and makes believing in God harder than it seems; you have to gather all your thoughts and decide, to an extent, now. Because I am sure that once everyone dies, everyone knows the answer.

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