“My mind is open wide, and now I’m ready to start.”


by Alex Petric

My name is Alex, and I was a strange kid. Some people think I’m still strange now (and they’re probably right), but I know I was definitely a strange kid.  Most kids just want to have fun and play outside. They don’t spend New Year’s Eve, 1999, wondering whether we’re all going to die, and how God could let bad things happen to good people (and at the tender age of 8, no less).

Religion, God, and spirituality always seemed to fascinate me. I was born into a practicing Catholic family, and, perhaps not wanting to upset my parents, began practicing Catholicism from a rather young age. I went to church with my parents and prayed before meals, and at school I was the only child (or one of the few) who seemed to do that. At school, it would, at times, be something that separated me from others, who seemed to feel that I knew too much or cared too much about religion.

High school and its impending social awkwardness came soon enough, and I began to question how I really felt about religion. Did God really exist? Was I following the wrong religion? I made friends with a variety of people, from atheists to Protestants to Muslims to Hindus to Catholics (both practicing and non-practicing), who, one way or another, expanded my own knowledge. Whereas I entered high school thinking that Christianity was the only right viewpoint and that others should not even be considered, this idea became less and less believable as time went on and I learned more about life.

University kicked this process into overdrive, as I saw the world as it really was. So far (being in my 2nd year), it’s been an almost unbelievable learning experience. I have met people from all across the world and from many different backgrounds, each with their own viewpoint. Every person I meet and every experience I go through offers a new lesson to me; a new piece of knowledge for me to draw from.

University has also been a time for me to discover who I really am, and who I want to be. Each day forms a continuous quest to grow closer to God, and closer to where I want to be. Having met others who share my faith has also helped me, as I have learned from their experience what has helped them increase their own devotion. Hopefully, this small part of my life, writing for this blog and reading the entries of others, will also reveal new truths to me about the mysteries of life.


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