“I am not a parrot, I don’t just speak what I have heard…”


by JC Girard

Rituals, routines, daily prayers, grace before meals, church every Sunday. That’s only part of my journey with Christ. In fact, that’s only a minor part of the journey. Many people are under the impression that going to church on Sunday and saying the words are just as “good enough.” The biggest part of faith is being an active participant. The question I must ask myself every day is: “How can I allow Jesus to work through me?”

If we say the words but do not live the words, we are lying to ourselves and showing the world that hypocrisy is alright. I firmly believe that God did not give us an easy out; that is to say, life`s problems will not solve themselves by simply asking God for an answer. My last blog explained that I use prayer as a form of meditation and guidance. My intentions are not to contradict what I had said, but to stress how important it is for both action and words to synchronize in my everyday life. Part of the challenge is not only to ask God for guidance, but to listen to his answer. In many cases, the response is not what I want to hear or something I want to do. In most cases, the answer is something that may take me out of my comfort zone; but, it’s something I need to do. If I were to ask for an answer and then ignore the response, I would not be allowing Jesus to work through me.

I have to admit, I am far from perfect in many respects. There are moments where I will ask God a question and when He starts to answer with something that I do not like, I’ll plug my ears and shout la, la, la, la! Like a two-year-old being told to clean up their toys, I ignore the words being spoken to me and pretend as though nothing happened. The real challenge is to not only pray about it, but to act it out. The script is only part of the play, it’s visuals that make it spectacular.


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  1. Well said JC. “Faith without works is dead”. We are all hypocrites but that doesn’t mean we won’t try our best to be the least bit hypocritical. We have to keep striving to God and allowing Him to work through us.

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