I am a seeker of truth


by Jeffrey Drake

I am a seeker of truth.

I would hope that everyone, on some level, could describe themselves as such. But what is truth?  The dictionary defines it as “in accordance with fact or reality”, “accurate or exact”, and “loyal and faithful”.  These are all good ways of defining different aspects of truth.  But one archaic use that would be useful to mention is “honest”, the example is especially poignant to me: we appeal to all good men and true to rally to us.

If the first declaration I made about myself is my first line above, honesty requires my second declaration to be: I do not know.

Russell Baker is quoted as saying “An educated person is one who has learned that information almost always turns out to be at best incomplete and very often false, misleading, fictitious, mendacious – just dead wrong.”

In this spirit, I know that my journey will never be over.  I am really only at the beginning of it.  I should tell a little about myself, because you cannot know where you are going unless you know where you have been.

I grew up in a fairly non-religious family, which is to say there was belief but no practice.  In Grade 5, with all my reasoning skills I declared that God did not exist. Since that time, a period of roughly twenty years I have been a self declared atheist. To some that word may have meaning, others may never have heard of it before.

An atheist is simply the belief that God does not exist.  That is it.  It is probably one of the most simplest definitions of a religious position possible.  But like anything, it will often mean more.  When one rejects the supernatural, one necessarily has to reject the idea of a supernatural being. This will tend to lead a person to a very physical view of the world.

It is a very compelling position for a person like myself. I have always had an analytical mind, and the idea of science will often provide a source of explanation that many people seek.

When I stood from that position, religion seemed really crazy.

This past summer, I made a conscious decision to learn about religion and the reasons behind it. I can now honestly say, that I do not know.

I am a seeker of truth.



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