“Who am I, That the Lord of all the earth, Would care to know my name, Would care to feel my hurt…”


by JC Girard

My name is JC, and I am a second year student at the University of Windsor studying psychology in the Concurrent Education Program. Last year I was partially involved in the Youth Café after Sunday night Mass, and this year I am as involved as I can possibly be in Campus Ministry, as well as the Café.

I am a–what we call–Cradle Catholic; that is to say, I was born and raised Roman Catholic. For this reason, religion has always played a strong role in my everyday life; however, once I began attending university, I became even stronger in my Faith and even closer to my God. I try to incorporate religion into my life and to never forget to be thankful. I find it very easy to slip into the theme of the 21st Century, and ‘demand’ rather than ‘thank’. For this reason, I make an effort to slow down in my everyday life, and to thank God for the beauty He has given me.

When someone asks me how religion plays a role from day-to-day, I find the question difficult to answer. Prayer seems to be my favorite way of practicing. No one will ever know, but I may run into a friend on the street and hear that they are going through a tough time; as I walk away, I will say a prayer for them in my head. When I get a test back that has a lower-than-expected grade, or when I feel stressed out and unorganized, I offer up my suffering to my Lord and move on with my day. I find that the “Serenity Prayer” (also used in AA meetings) is my best friend; it brings me patience and awareness. To be honest, I talk to my God like He is a best friend, and we have a conversation every day. Some days I am angry, some days I am stressed, and other days, I am forever thankful.

“When life gets too tough to stand, kneel.” – Unknown


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